Ski resort Krvavec

Krvavec ski resort is located in the municipality of Cerklje na Gorenjskem, only 9,5 km from Hotel Creina, 25 km from the capital city of Ljubljana and it is the closest ski resort to any European airport – the Brnik airport is a mere 8 kilometres away.

A ski resort that boasts the most magnificent views and well-maintained ski runs at 1,450m to 1,971m above sea level providing excellent conditions for skiing on natural and compacted snow.   The resort with 30 kilometres of perfectly maintained ski runs guarantees 100 skiing days each season.  The ski runs are varied and ideal for recreational and professional skiers as well as beginners.

More information about the ski resort can be found here.

Hotel Creina

Koroška cesta 5
4000 Kranj

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