À la carte

  • cold appetizers

    deer carpaccio with house sauce
    (cranberries, apples and mustard seeds)
    smoked tuna slices with garlic mayonnaise and black olive pâté
    small balls of mozzarella with cherry tomatoes on rocket with balsamic reduction
  • soups

    beef soup
    clear vegetable soup
    (clear vegetable soup made with fresh seasonal vegetables)
    garlic soup with a grilled scallop
  •  hot appetizers

    homemade pasta with black istra truffles
    goose liver on sautéed pineapple with cognac
    toasted polenta slices with asparagus tips and pumpkin seeds
    gnocchi with cottage cheese on sage butter
  • main courses

    gnocchi / risotto / pasta
    gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce
    rice with chicken breast and red pepper
    fettuccine with shrimps and asparagus
    steak florentine, roasted potatoes, cream spinach, spicy vegetables
    grilled beefsteak with herb butter, white polenta with walnuts, vegetables
    beef pepper steak with sauce, white polenta with walnuts, vegetables
    veal medallions with pine nuts and aubergines
    pork tenderloin in caper sauce, basil risotto, carrots and celeriac
    chicken medallions with dried tomatoes and prunes, couscous with gorgonzola
  •  main courses – seafood

    grilled sea bass filet, roasted potatoes with vegetables
    salmon cutlet in rosemary sauce, potato puree with leek and broccoli
    grilled scampi
  •  for children

    fried turkey filet (viennese style or battered), french fries, carrots,
    fried cheese, french fries, carrots
  •  to finish with

    cheese platter (maasdammer, smoked, gorgonzola, camembert, fresh fruit)
  • salads

  • select desserts

  • homemade parfaits

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